Who Is Your Favorite Writer?

For me, there are several writers that I appreciate reading — it varies depending on my mood.

When I need my heart to be rejuvenated by simple themes of beauty, truth, and justice, I read John Eldredge.

When I’ve got a creative idea or am wanting to feel innovative, I read Seth Godin.

When I’m feeling profound and wanting to be challenged by something academic that will make my head hurt, I read C.S. Lewis.

When I want to read a great story told in an untraditional way, I read Ernest Hemingway (although, I confess, it’s been awhile).

When I’m feeling worn out by religiosity and perhaps a bit of angst towards the church, I read Anne Lamott or Donald Miller.

When I want to read something poetic, I read Pablo Neruda (in Spanish).

When I’m starved for truth or good theology, I read John Piper.

When I need a good old-fashioned kick-in-the-butt, I read the blog of my mentor Seth Barnes.

And, of course, whenever I need to feel inspired, I read the Bible — often an epistle of Paul, the Gospel of John, or the Psalms.

Who is your favorite writer? I don’t think that I could pick just one.

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