Blogging Is a Serious Business

There are all kinds of blogs on the web. Christian blogs. Atheist blogs. Dog blogs. Blogs about married life. Blogs about auto repair. Blogs about Mickey Mouse or soda pop or your hometown.

With the plethora of blogs on the internet, it’s easy to not take them seriously. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to not even take your blog seriously.

But with all those goofy and outlandish blogs out in cyberspace, that doesn’t undermine the potential power of the medium. There are also very reputable blogs.

There are, in fact, blogs that influence people’s everyday choices or make a lot of money or make a difference in public policy.

I submit that you should start taking your blog more seriously. That doesn’t mean that you can’t tell jokes or be lighthearted or that you have to start blogging every other hour. You don’t have to try to make money with it (but if you would like to, check out these tips). You don’t have to write life-changing content on your blog.

You just have to have something worth saying. And you need to say it… over and over again.

That’s the beauty of a blog — it allows you the platform where you can share your message again and again, each time gaining influence and trust. This is, just to remind you, all for free.

I know that we take the existence of blogs for granted now, but this is, if you pause to think about it, pretty remarkable. Everyone is now a journalist. Everyone is now a political pundit. Everyone is now a reviewer of… whatever they want.

Or, at least, everyone can be. Everyone has the opportunity to be heard — to push an agenda, to start a conversation, to make change.

With the opportunity to make such an impact with the written word — to even make money — why wouldn’t you take such a practice seriously?

It’s your blog — do with it what you will.


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