How to Successfully Market Something on the Internet

Someone asked me the other day how to successfully market something on the web, and this was my response:

First of all, make sure that whatever you’re selling or promoting is worth a hoot. What I mean by that is that it needs to be something more than just an average product for an average person. That can work on the shelves of Wal-Mart or even on a TV infomercial, but it’ll get you little to no traction on the web. On the internet, people are searching for things that are extraordinary.

The web is structured in such a way that the best stories get the best traction. Look at Twitter or that “Numa, Numa” guy, if you don’t believe. It’s not necessarily the greatest ideas or the best business models that win — just the most interesting and entertaining ones.

So, the best marketing decision you can make is to ensure that your idea will stick and that you truly have what Seth Godin calls a “purple cow.” Read the rest of this entry »