Who Are You Writing For?

A commenter on the previous blog said that one should always write for himself.

However, what happens when no one reads what one has written? What happens when one really wants to write for his ideas to be acknowledged? What if one is writing just to write?

Have I used the word “one” enough already?

Certainly, you write not just for your audience, but also for yourself. If you make the end justify the means, you can certainly get lost in writing material that merely appeases your audience and constantly compromises the artistic integrity of what you’re creating.

Inevitably, there seems to be a tension here — as in most creative efforts. You don’t just write for yourself or for someone else. Perhaps, you write for neither… and both. (Is that paradoxical enough for you?)

How do you find balance between being heard and fulfilling your personal passions?

Who are you writing for?

5 Comments on “Who Are You Writing For?”

  1. I recently pondered the same thing and questioned my own motivations for having my pathetic little blog with 4 official followers. If you’ll forgive me for posting a link in your comment, I equated it to the FedEx guy Carl who gets roped into giving a presentation when he was just supposed to put it together in print. http://jasonhuffmanministries.blogspot.com/2010/01/blogging-life-quest-to-be-heard.html I think sometimes we just write so we have something to put out there…not because what we have to say is of real value to anyone. Good post.

  2. Jeff Goins says:

    Thanks, Jason. Agreed. I’m recommending the book The War of Art to anyone struggling with this.

  3. Julius says:

    When you write for others then you start worrying about what others think and this could drive you nuts and stall your work since everyone has different expectations. But if you write for yourself, with the thoughts of what kind of book you think you’d want to buy and read, then you’d fill it with enough details to make it interesting. No one is more critical of their own writing than the writers themselves.

  4. Jeff Goins says:

    Great response, Julius!

  5. I agree with Julius, too! Good stuff guys!

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