Marketing Works: Why I Drink Coke Zero

I used to think marketing was evil. And I used to think that it was pointless — just another way for faceless corporations to manipulate innocent people. But now more than ever, I’m convinced that marketing does work — for good and for evil. For instance, take my favorite drink Coke Zero.

I have never, ever, ever enjoyed diet drinks. Not ever.

But I love Coke Zero. I mean, I drink it all the time. When I was a chubby teenager, I used to drink cheap, sugary soda all the time, but when I decided to start running and to shed some weight, I stopped drinking it for years. Read the rest of this entry »


How to Start a Business on the Cheap

Portray Photo: Nashville Photography LogoMy wife recently started her own family and pet photography business.

I just printed out her first invoice. It’s a pretty cool feeling. She’s done a lot of the leg work on her own, but I’ve had the privilege of helping her with some of the business.

We definitely “bootstrapped” it during the start-up phase and have been pleasantly surprised by some of the immediate success we’ve seen over the past few months.

Of course, it’s just getting started, but we’re learning that starting a business doesn’t have to be something that is hard. Not today. Not with the tools at our disposal… and yours. Read the rest of this entry »