Start Today, Not Tomorrow

I just read this inspiring and challenging post by Julien Smith: Life Doesn’t Start Tomorrow. Here’s a brief excerpt:

There isn’t a single thing in this world that’s made better by starting tomorrow.

Everything you care about, everything you are about, needs to begin today or it may never happen.

If you don’t want to do it now, you clearly don’t want it bad enough.

What’s something you’ve put off doing “for tomorrow” but it has been prolonged indefinitely? Do that thing… today. Even if it’s just getting the project started.

Begin. Build momentum. Overcome the Resistance. Break free of laziness and malaise. Do something. You’ll feel better about yourself once you’ve acted. Trust me.

And then tomorrow, do it all over again.


One Comment on “Start Today, Not Tomorrow”

  1. Jason says:

    Great thoughts.

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