Writing Tip: Learn Your Craft

I was at a restaurant last night, reading the menu, trying to decide if I wanted to eat a second dinner that evening. (Yes, that’s right, second dinner. Don’t judge me.)

While deliberating, I came across a misused apostrophe. Instead of just added an “s” to denote the plural form of a word, the genius menu copywriter added an apostrophe and an “s”. Because apostrophes are classy or something…

I sighed. Not again. Who proof-read this thing, anyway? Read the rest of this entry »


Shipping (A Seth Godin-ism)

Certain words invade your vocabulary — sometimes whether you like it or not.

The one that has really invaded mine this year is “ship”. I don’t think that I can go a week without it coming up at least a handful of times in a variety of contexts. I first heard it on Seth Godin’s blog, I believe, and it was a pretty major theme of his recent book Linchpin.

The concept is simple and is derived, I think, from the following Steve Jobs quote: “Real artists ship.” Ever since I heard Godin use the term in a video on creativity and productivity, I loved it. Read the rest of this entry »