What Egypt Can Teach Us About Every Movement

The recent protests in Egypt can teach us several lessons about successful movements:

1) Great movements are often catalyzed by youth. It’s hard to start a revolution without, at some point, involving young people.

2) Movements often begin as a reaction to an injustice or a perceived wrong, but can only be sustained by a proactive passion for the cause itself.

3) Any attempt to quash a great movement often has an inverse effect, merely strengthening it.

4) People everywhere want to be heard and will fight for that right. A movement is just an illustration of this fact.

5) Truly great movements are contagious. People halfway around the world who are unaffected by the issues will rush to the aid of those involved, if they are truly inspired.

What can Egypt teach you about your own movement or message?

One Comment on “What Egypt Can Teach Us About Every Movement”

  1. Hugmomma says:

    People will put themselves at great risk in a movement because they fear the future more than they fear the present.

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